Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Departmental Administrator answers

Who is a Departmental Administrator (Admin) and what do they do?
  • DocuSign Department Account Administrators (Department Admins) will be responsible for provisioning their Department’s users and permission profiles (roles), provide DocuSign training, and offer ongoing support to all their Departmental users. This is an active role.
  • The DocuSign Department Account Administrator is NOT an executive role, it is a task-based administrative role that executes the work of account management. Executive management of DocuSign happens at the Organizational level in bIT Productivity and Collaboration
  • DocuSign Department Account Administrators (Department Admins) understand that DocuSign access is a service that is granted conditionally upon adherence to the MOU and UC's Privacy, Security and Data protection policies. A breach of the MOU or UC policy regarding data collection or management puts a department at risk of losing access to DocuSign. Adhering to MSSEI, MSSND, and Data Classification standards is required at all times
  • Read the Memorandum of Understanding to learn about the responsibilities an Account Administrator accepts(link is external) responsibility for
What is a Departmental Data Proprietor and what do they do?
  • A Data Proprietor is a person in your L4 Department who also has a DocuSign User account. They could be an Administrator but they don't have to be. Their role is to advise anyone using your DocuSign departmental account about HOW to collect, store, and save or purge data. They advise on aspects of collecting any data but especially P3 and P4 data(link is external). They advise on appropriate storage of that data(link is external)Note that Box and Google Drive are NOT P4 Compliant storage options.
  • How do I know if I would be a good Data proprietor? A data proprietor should be able to answer the question: How do I identify PII and how do I know what to do with it? If they cannot answer this question, that's a good sign they may not be a good fit to be a Data Proprietor
  • A Data Proprietor is usually someone in an IT role, preferably someone who has a high level understanding of Secure Data management. They  advise on retention policy as it relates to the data your department collects, and on best practices of recommending an API integration for storage in a suitable secure database. If Box, Google Drive or Perceptive Content are chosen, they would work with any team Users and Admins along with the Imagine/DocuSign team to set up that integration. Depending on that project's simplicity or complexity, that could take a month or year
  • Read the Memorandum of Understanding to learn about the responsibilities a Data Proprietor accepts(link is external) responsibility for
How do I get a DocuSign account for my Department to use?

DocuSign is available to all campus L4 Departments and Regional Service Teams (at the L4 level).

Users access their account through the Department or Region’s account. Users not in the Same L4 should be provisioned access to DocuSign in their own home L4 department, even if functionally, they work with another group or work for another L4.

For Each campus L4 Department or Regional Service team that uses DocuSign, a Department Administrator will configure the departments User permissions and roles. This is an active role, it requires active hands on support of department staff. The DocuSign Department Account Administrator is NOT an executive role, it is a task-based, administrative role that executes the work of account management.

To learn more about Departmental Accounts, visit the Department Administrator Support page. 

How do Account Administrators add a User?

The Account Administrator should ask the New User to log into DocuSign in Production using the link here: DocuSign:

As the User is logging in, CalNet will sync with DocuSign and add the User ID into DocuSign carrying with it a "Federated ID" field. This is critical to making sure the DocuSign account created is for the correct individual. 

Then, the Account Administrator should navigate to and bookmark and watch this short video on how to Add Users and Close User accounts. It's only 2 minutes.

If the Account administrator is sure the New User is in the same L4 department, they can proceed to the next step. If not, please look up the New User by email address in CalGroups to determine the Users L4 department: (Scroll down to see the folder for "L4" and be sure the L4 code matches your account.)

The Admin should log into DocuSign to Add their New User.  Go to Settings > choose Users > choose Add User, enter the User's email and choose an appropriate permission profile (role) for them. This update ties the New User to their home L4 dept account and the Admin can add the New Users role or Template Manager or Powerform Manager or whatever role best suits the users needs

How can Account Administrators change user permissions (roles) for more functionality in DocuSign?

An account Administrator will log into DocuSign. In DocuSign, navigate to Settings, click Users. Locate the user whose permission profile (role) you want to edit. In the ACTION drop down on the right for the selected user, select Edit. Choose the Permission Profile from the drop down menu and click Save.

Where can I find User or Administrator DocuSign Training?

We have a whole page of resources! Please refer to our Training and Accessibility page on this website for Introductory training, Advanced training and Administrator training.

Which roles in DocuSign have access to which functionalities?

DocuSign Roles for Users

include DS Viewer, Sender, Bulk sender, Power User and DS Admin. Berkeley also has custsom roles like Template Manager, Powerform Manager, and Powerform Administrator. In addition, Departments can add their own custom roles, but are not required to. 

Here's a chart that refers to some of the existing roles in DocuSign, but does not include Berkeley's custom roles. 

How are User accounts moved between Departments?

DocuSign User accounts are placed within their home L4 Department(PDF file)(link is external) DocuSign account.

If the User moves to another UC Department, the former and future Department Administrators must make some changes.

Envelopes and templates/PowerForms

The employee changing departments should first consult with the Department Admin in their original department about what Templates or completed Envelopes they are allowed to take with them. Once a defined scope of work is approved, send a request to sends e-mail) requesting that the DocuSign team uses the “Custody Transfer” feature to transfer Envelopes & Templates to the user’s new department.  While PowerForm data can be downloaded from the old account, and uploaded into the new account, the user must re-create Powerform url (link) in the new account.  Templates can be downloaded, saved (unopened) and re-uploaded into the new account. Do not open Template downloads before uploading in your new account. 

Closing the Old Account

The Department Account Administrator for the former account should close the user account. See this video here to close a user account(link is external)

Accessing and Using the New Account

When the user who has moved departments logs into DocuSign again, upon logging into DocuSign, they will automatically be provisioned an account in their new department, and assume the role of "DS Viewer" in their new department account. To update the users permission profile (role) the User should request that the Department Admin in the new department update their permission profile to a role that suits the Department needs.  See this video here to update a user permission profile(link is external)

DocuSign Technical Support answers

How can I enable notifications of completed Envelopes?

Log into your DocuSign account.

In the top right corner, click the grey circle with your initials.

Scroll down to My Preferences > click Signing and Sending > click Notifications.

All notifications are pre-set to ON CLEAR the check box for any notification that you do NOT want to receive.

Click SAVE.

Your notification preferences are updated and the changes apply to all future envelopes.

How do I move my Template from Demo to Production?

Open DocuSign Demo, on the home page, click Templates.

Select the template you want to move and from the dropdown menu on the right, choose Download.

Download the Template to a place you can retrieve it easily (e.g. your desktop) and DO NOT OPEN THE TEMPLATE file.

Open DocuSign Production, click Templates, click the yellow box New, and from the pulldown menu choose Upload.

The Template and it's fields you have input will be uploaded and ready to use.

How can I make DocuSign Forms Accessible?

It is important that your documents are accessible to those with different abilities. Refer to our page on Training and Accessibility. On this page, scroll down to Accessibility to learn more

How can I sign for someone else in DocuSign?
Note: The option to sign on behalf of another user applies *your* signature to an envelope, not another person's signature. And, Delegation can only happen between two people in the same DocuSign L4 Departmental account. Access cannot be delgated across accounts. 
Delegated Signing:
The person who would like to Delegate signing authority TO YOU can create a delegate as their Delegated Signer. This takes about one minute to do.


  1. Log in to your DocuSign eSignature account and go to My Preferences > Signing and Sending > Delegation
  2. Select 'Add Delegation' and complete the following:
    1. Select a user from the list of users on your account.
    2. Select a start date. Delegation activates at midnight on the start date, based on your account's timezone.
    3. (Optional) Select an end date.
  3. Review the delegate status information:  
    1. •Active. The delegation is in effect. The start date has passed and if there is an end date, it is in the future.
    2. •Scheduled. The start date for the delegate is in the future; delegation is not yet in effect. When the Delegation start date is in effect, the delegate will then receive email notifications for envelopes to sign on behalf of the Manager, Chair, Dean etc.
  4. Where to see the status that you have been added as a Delegate: Navigate to My Preferences, Delegates, then click to the tab next to My Delegates: Delegated To Me.  
  5. Notifications: Delegates should receive an email when an envelope is routed to to sign. That won't happen until it's their turn to sign, so if an envelope is sent that includes several signers and the person you're signing for, you should receive an email only when it's their turn to sign. You can test this by sending a test envelope (anything at all that requires a signature) to two people, yourself, then the person you're signing for. If you need to review or update your email notifications, follow these DocuSign instructions to update your email Notifications

When the Delegate applies a signature, all recipients will see the Delegates signature, NOT the signature of the Manager, Chair, or Dean. See this link about setting up Delegation, and about Signing as a Delegate

Where do I find my Envelope ID?

An Envelope ID can be located in several places depending on your role in the transaction. Please see this DocuSign support article for specifics.

How Do I... Where do I? answers

How do I get access to DocuSign at Berkeley?

Faculty and Staff may be provisioned a DocuSign account by their Departmental Account Administrator for the express purpose of conducting business on behalf of the University. On occasion, Student workers working in a specific department may be provisioned a DocuSign account but only for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of the University.

Users must find their L4 Department (i.e. VRIST, AACHN, BSHUM) by using their email address and looking it up in CalGroups. (Note: Users in a Department must use their Berkeley domain email address for all DocuSign use.)

Next, look in the Active Accounts spreadsheet to find the account Administrators for that L4, and check for the names of the Administrators listed. Email your Administrator directly to request access to your department’s DocuSign account.

Users should bookmark UC Berkeley DocuSign websites: this is the Demo environment this is the Production environment

Note: Students who are not Student workers do not have access to Berkeley’s enterprise DocuSign license because DS is managed at the department level, and, students should not use their address to sign up for a private personal account with DocuSign. Student workers should contact their supervisor to request an account. Alumni do not have access to use Berkeley’s enterprise DocuSign account, and should not use their address to sign up for a private personal account with DocuSign.

I need help logging in, or, I can't log into DocuSign

Be sure you are logging into DocuSign with your @berkeley email address.

Check your CalNet directory listing to be sure the primary email has the suffix Please do NOT use email addresses such as, or or any other subdomain.

Check with your Departmental Account Administrator to make sure you have an active account. If you need to look up your Administrator, check the Active Accounts sheet. If you are still not able to log into DocuSign, ask your Administrator for help, then email

How do I access the DocuSign documents I have signed?

Log into DocuSign and navigate to Manage and look in your Inbox.

If the envelope has been completed by all the other recipients you will find it there. Search envelopes by name and status Completed. If you are not receiving email notifications, Notification Settings for emails can be adjusted in My Preferences.

Log into My Preferences by clicking on your initials in they grey circle located the upper right corner of any DocuSign page.

Click the grey circle then navigate to My Preferences, then on the left hand menu scroll down to Notifications.

How long does DocuSign store my envelopes?

Envelopes containing P1, P2 and P3 data can be stored indefinitely in DocuSign. DocuSign is approved for P4 data collection, but envelopes containing P4 data may NOT live in DocuSign for more than 30 days.

A Berkeley Security reviewed plan is required to collect P4 Data and a storage solution (Perceptive Content, Terra Dotta, Ellusian or SharePoint) and must be used to store Envelopes with P4 Data.

Your department should have or implement a retention policy that complies with your department's/unit's regulatory requirements, policies and IT security guidelines.

Ask your Department's Data Proprietor about your Department's guidelines, and how to securely collect and manage the data you're collecting. Your Data Proprietor can be found on the Active Account sheet.

I want to do more in DocuSign, like send an Envelope or create a Template or PowerForm

Ask your DocuSign Department Account Administrator give you a new permission profile (role) in DocuSign.  Look up your Departmental Account Administrators for your corresponding L4 on the Active Account sheet.

If you need to find what L4 Department you're in, search your name or email address in CalGroups. Then, look up your Department Account Administrator on the Active Account sheet. 

How can I transfer Template or Envelope ownership?
Someone has left our team and we still need access to their envelopes and templates
How can I choose which of my DocuSign accounts is my default account?
I have multiple DocuSign accounts. How can I choose which is my default account?

Each DocuSign User at Berkeley can have only one default account, with an email addrss. This should be their home L4 Departmental account. Occasionally, a Departmental Administrator may provision a user an account in another department for a specific purposes (pulling reports) for a set period of time. 

The User can select any one of their accounts as a default account for the Admin to set as the Default. When a default account is set, the User will always start in that account when logging in, and may switch after logging in.

If a user has multiple accounts, and an envelope is sent, it will send and return to the default account. This is not something that the sender can control or set in preferences, at the envelope level or departmental account level. If you have multiple accounts here are instructions on how to switch between accounts.

How to download data from multiple PowerForm envelopes in a single report?

This works if the envelopes come from a PowerForm link or URL (versus a Template).

The sender or the Department Account Administrator should navigate to Manage, select the PowerForm, select Download and DocuSign will generate a csv file with all the raw data. This can be exported to an Excel Spreadsheet. Here is Detailed information on how to do this.  Note that this is a snapshot of data at a specific point in time. Dynamic monitoring of downloaded data would have to happen in another program that DocuSign is configured to send data to. 

Caution: If a PowerForm Sender's account is closed (e.g because they left your Department) the PowerForm will no longer work. If you still can, and need to change the Sender, see  Change a DocuSign PowerForm's Sender for instructions. 

How do I access the DocuSign documents that I signed?
  1. Log into your UC Berkeley DocuSign account at
  2. Navigate to the Manage section using the Manage menu item at the top of the Home page.
  3. From the left menu choose Inbox to show a list of the documents you received.

What can I do with my DocuSign account when I leave?

Discuss with your Department Account Administrators that you are leaving and what remaining work you own/access in DocuSign.

If you do not know who your Department Account Administrators are, you can look them up on the Active Account sheet.

Ask your Dept Admin to: Transfer ownership of your envelopes, templates and PowerForms to someone else in your Department. Here's how an Administrator can transfer ownership.

If you are moving to another DocuSign Departmental Account while still at Berkeley, and want to take your envelopes and templates with you, ask your Department Account Administrators to send a request to requesting that the DocuSign team uses the “Custody Transfer” feature to transfer Envelopes & Templates to the new department.

All about using SPA accounts in DocuSign
SPA accounts can have DocuSign accounts! This is a great way to use a single DocuSign account for multiple people to manage a business process. We recommend it. 
Set up and Configure the SPA email to have access by a select group of Users who require the information that the SPA account will collect. A SPA account with more than 5 users is not recommended for this purpose. If you need, you could create a new SPA just for the purposes of using your process in DocuSign. Give your SPA a name like or Do NOT use names like or
Ask your DocuSign dept Admin to provision this SPA it's own DocuSign account in Production. Give it the role DS Sender or Template Manager. 
Note that the SPA's DocuSign account should be configured in the DocuSign Departmental account where all users can access it. That means as part of this process you should check your L4 in CalGroups. Be sure the SPA is given a DocuSign account in that same L4. Be sure all other users are ALSO in that same L4 account, too. 
How do I log into a DocuSign SPA account?
Open an incognito browser window. Log into DocuSign production, use CalNet, but! add a + before your login, for example +javierbardem or +aiweiwei. On the next screen review the drop down list presented, and choose the SPA. This way you're logged into the SPA's DocuSign account.
How do I use a DocuSign SPA account? 
Build the Template in your personal DocuSign Demo account, test it in DocuSign Demo, and when you're ready to go live, download the Template, log into the SPA's DS account, and navigate to Template, New, Upload Template. (Don't open what you download, just leave it in the JSON file format.)
The envelopes then send from a SPA's DocuSign account. The SPA will receive envelopes from the SPA's DocuSign account.
How do I store data in a DocuSign SPA account? 
Depending on the type of data you're collecting: if your form  collects P1-P3 data, it can be stored in DocuSign indefinitely with no storage limits, and anyone with access to the SPA can access the envelopes. If it collects P4 data, please email with the details of what you're collecting, your business process and a request for review and recommendation of best practices for storage for your P4 data. 
Folders can also be created to file Envelopes in the SPA's DocuSign account (in Manage, bottom left, Folders, triple dots, create new).
They could be labeled  2023, 2024, or Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, etc. 
How Can I Share a PowerForm or Change the Owner of a PowerForm?

The best approach is to create a PowerForm as a Template in your personal DocuSign account, then, change the Sender of the PowerForm to another User or SPA account (the role PowerForm manager should not be required for the SPA account to send (or host) the PowerForm link, once created).

In this scenario, you would remain the Owner of the PowerForm. 
If you attempt to share the PowerForm and do not see the User you'd like to share the PowerForm with when following these instructions, try begining by priming the list of users to share the PowerForm with first in Templates. To do this,  navigate to Templates, locate the Template, select Actions > Share with Users and review the users that populate in THAT list.  Next, navigate to Manage > Powerforms > Actions, Share with Users. Note that sharing can only happen with other Users in your same L4 department.