Frequently Asked Questions

General Guidelines

How can I get trained to use DocuSign?

As a new user, DocuSign also has a one hour recorded training demonstration of all the essentials. You can also review our Introductory Training

As a new Department Account Administrator, you can begin with our QuickStart Guide. And review all modules in this link to Admin Training, except Auditing. 

DocuSign also has robust documentation on its website Choose Support from the menu bar, then Support Center, and search on any topic or go directly to the DocuSign Support Center from which you can access all topics or start with Learning the Basics of DocuSign

How do I get access to eSignatures @ Berkeley/DocuSign?

Each campus L4 department or Regional Service team that uses DocuSign may have a DocuSign account. Individual users will not have their own account and will be provisioned via their Department's account.

When your Department is ready to get started, follow the instructions on DocuSign MOU Instructions and Access. Remember that individual users can only use DocuSign via their department or Region's account. .

How can I sign for someone else?

I have to sign papers for my manager, Dean, Chair, etc. How can I do that for DocuSign envelopes sent for that person's signature?
You can have that person (Dean, Chair, manager, etc.) make you their Delegate Signer. This takes about one minute to do. Instructions:

1.Log in to your DocuSign eSignature account and go toMy Preferences>Signing and Sending>Delegation
2.SelectAdd Delegationand complete the following:
a.Select a user from the list of users on your account.
b.Select a start date. Delegation activates at midnight on the start date, based on your account's timezone.
c.(Optional) Select an end date.
3.Review the delegate status information:
Active. The delegation is ineffect.The start date has passed and if there is an end date, it is in the future.
Scheduled. The start date for the delegate is in the future; delegation is not yet ineffect.

For more information see page 574 in the User Guide, Delegated Signing section.

What do I do with my DocuSign account when I leave?

What do I do with my DocuSign account, including envelopes, templates and PowerForms when I change Departments or leave UC Berkeley?

When you change Departments or leave UC Berkeley your DocuSign account must be closed. Follow these steps:

  1. Download any envelopes you want to keep access to.
  2. Inform your Department Account Administrators that you are leaving and ask them to:
    1. Transfer ownership of your envelopes, templates and PowerForms to someone else in your Department.
      1. How to transfer ownership
        1. If you are moving to another Department and want to take your envelopes and templates with you, ask your Department Account Administrators to send a request to requesting that the DocuSign team uses the “Custody Transfer” feature to transfer Envelopes & Templates to the new department. 
          1. Note that the user must re-create their Powerforms in the new account though PowerForm data can be downloaded from the old account
    2. Close your account
  3. If you do not know who your Department Account Administrators are, you can look them up on this spreadsheet.

Can I use my UC Berkeley email address for personal DocuSign activities?

Please do NOT use your UC Berkeley email for personal DocuSign activities. Use your UC Berkeley email only for UC Berkeley DocuSign activities. Besides being a best practice, using your UC Berkeley email address for personal DocuSign activities or accounts can create problems with your UC Berkeley DocuSign activities and accounts.

How can I choose which of my DocuSign accounts is my default account?

I have multiple DocuSign accounts. How can I choose which is my default account?

If a user has multiple accounts with the same email address, and an envelope is sent, it will go to the default account. This is not something that the sender can control or set in the envelope or account.

The account holder can select any one of the accounts as their default account. When they set a default account, they will always start in that account when logging in and that is the account that receives the envelopes.

Instructions to set default account and to switch accounts:

Where do I find my Envelope ID?

The Envelope ID is located in several places depending on your role in the transaction. Please see this DocuSign support article for specifics.

How can I get more permissions in DocuSign, e.g. so I can send an envelope or create a template?

Have your DocuSign Department Account Administrator give you the correct permissions.
If you are not sure who your Department Account Administrator is, look them up in this spreadsheet

How can I transfer template or envelope ownership?

Someone has left our team and we still need access to their envelopes and templates

I can't find my envelope

I signed an envelope, but I cannot find it nor did I receive a completion email notification.

Log into DocuSign, go to Manage and look in your Inbox. If the envelope has been completed by all the other recipients you will find it there.

You can also adjust your email notifications settings in My Preferences, accessed when you click on your name in the upper right corner of any DocuSign page.

What are DocuSign Security recommendations at UCB?

Refer to DocuSign: Security Recommendations in our Knowledge Base. These recommendations are for both Department Account Administrators and End Users.

How can I fax a DocuSign form?

When you set the recipient delivery method you can choose fax.

Fax Recipient Screen Grab

How can I download form data from multiple envelopes in a single report?

If the envelope was generated from a PowerForm (versus a Template), the sender or the Department Account Administrator, can go to Manage, select the PowerForm, choose Download and DocuSign will generate a csv file with all the data.

Caution: If a PowerForm Sender's account is closed (e.g because they leave your Department) the PowerForm will no longer work.

If you need to change the Sender, see  Change a DocuSign PowerForm's Sender for instructions.

Detailed information.

How do I move my template from Demo to Production?

  1. In Demo, choose Templates, select the template you want to move and from the pulldown menu choose Download. Download the template to a place from which you can retrieve it (e.g. your desktop) but DO NOT OPEN the template.
  2. In Production, choose Templatets, New and from the pulldown menu choose Upload. The template will be uploaded and ready to use.

How can Account Administrators add users to their account?

1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Users

3. Choose Add User

4. Follow the prompts


See Account Administrator Support

How can Account Administrators change user permissions?

  1. In DocuSign eSignature Admin, click Users.
  2. Locate the user whose permission profile you want to edit.
  3. In the ACTION drop down for the selected user, select Edit.
  4. Choose the Permission Profile from the drop down menu and Save.

Permission Profile Edit Screen Grab

How long does DocuSign store my envelopes?

DocuSign stores your envelopes indefinitely. It is therefore prudent to implement a retention policy that complies with your department's/unit's regulatory requirements, policies and IT security guidelines.

How can I use the DocuSign eNotary feature?

Your UCB DocuSign Department Account Administer must submit a request to requesting to turn eNotary on for the department.

There are important California regulations and guidelines to comply with.

Refer to DocuSign eNotary Guidelines KB article for details.

Can I send more than one document in the same envelope?

Yes. After uploading the first document or template, use the dialogue box to choose the additional documents/templates.

Document Upload Screen Grab

I can't log into DocuSign

Be sure you are logging in with your @berkeley email address that is in the CalNet directory. That is the email address associated with Berkeley DocuSign accounts. If you are still having trouble, submit a ticket, preferably with screengrabs, to

How do I implement DocuSign Connect and other technical Integrations?

All technical integrations must follow two basic steps:

  1. Submit a ticket to the Information Security Office (ISO),, to request their review of the integration.
    1. ISO will determine if they need to conduct a review or not.
  2. Submit a ticket to, including the following information: Account Name, description of planned integration. Security ticket number
    1. The DocuSign team will provide support and guidelines.
    2. If you want to use DocuSign Connect, the DocuSign team must set it up.

How do I change the email for a personal DocuSign account from my email address?

I have a personal DocuSign account using my email address. Now that campus controls DocuSign accounts with addresses, I need to transfer my personal DocuSign account to a personal email address.

Go to the DocuSign support site,, and Open a Support Case.

How do I add fields to Documents?

You can add standard fields and custom fields by dragging and dropping from the Fields menu onto your document or template. You can also format the fields for that specific document or template.

For detailed instructions see

How do I manage my DocuSign email notifications?

DocuSign provides email notifications to senders and recipients for many different scenarios. By default, all of the notifications are turned on. 

To manage notifications

  1. Go to My Preferences > Signing and Sending > Notifications.

  2. Clear the check box for any notification that you do not want to receive.
  3. Click SAVE.

    Your notification preferences are updated and the changes apply to all future envelopes.

For more information go to

How do I access the DocuSign documents that I signed?

  1. Log into your UC Berkeley DocuSign account at
  2. Navigate to the Manage section using the Manage menu item at the top of the Home page.
  3. From the left menu choose Inbox to show a list of the documents you received.

How can I make DocuSign Forms Accessible?

It is important that your documents are accessible to those with disabilities. To begin, ensure that your original form is accessible before you import it into DocuSign for signature workflow.

How to make your form (PDF) accessible

How to check your form (PDF) for accessibility