Account Administrator Support

Accounts and Group Management

Accounts will be provisioned and managed at the L4 Department level (see UCBDTREE for definition) or by Regional Service Teams. Each Department/Region that wants to use DocuSign will have an Account. Each Account must have between 2-4  administrators who are in that Department/Region. To become a Department Account Administrator, please follow the instructions on the MOU Instructions page.

Note that Department Accounts may set up separate DocuSign Groups which will enable them to separate security, workflows, templates and permissions from one group to another.

Department Account Administrators will be responsible for provisioning their Department’s users and permissions. At a high level, the process is:

  1. For new users, instruct the user to login to the UC Berkeley instance of DocuSign ( Demo OR Production)
  2. Once they have CalNet authenticated, they will be auto-provisioned into our default DocuSign account
  3. In a few minutes their account will be synced with their L4 department/L5 Region and be moved into their appropriate DocuSign account which maps to CalGroups
  4. They will then receive a confirmation email. Once confirmed they will be active with the DocuSign role of "DS Viewer"
  5. The Account Administrator will then be able to log into DocuSign and assign the user Groups and Permission Sets as needed
  6. Note that Account Admins may go straight to step 5 and manually add a user to Groups and Permission Sets. In that case, when a new user logs in they will already be provisioned with the appropriate permissions
  7. Note that users must use their Berkeley domain email, not a subdomain Berkeley address,
  8. To Replace a Department Account Adminstrator: If you need to replace a Department Account Adminstrator on your account, a current Department Account Administrator should initiate our MOU Replace Administrator PowerForm.

For detailed instructions, see