DocuSign MOU Instructions and Access

DocuSign MOU Instructions

Before your Department can get an account, we must have a completed MOU signed by all Account Administrators and the Data Proprietor, all of whom must be in that Department.

It is important that both Account Administrators and the Data Proprietor are in agreement about the nature of their department's data that will be collected via your department’s DocuSign forms. Therefore, the DocuSign MOU and signing process is designed for each signer to review and either approve, or suggest changes to, responses that pertain to the entire department. Before the MOU is complete each signatory will have approved the information. Once your team has completed the MOU, it will be auto-routed to a DocuSign team member to review and either approve or request changes. To ensure the smoothest process, both Account Administrators and the Data Proprietor should agree on the information they will submit before beginning the MOU process  so the MOU doesn't need to go back and forth. Specifically they should agree on the type of data that will be collected, the Data Protection Level for the data and the Regulations pertaining to that data to the best of their knowledge.

The MOU link is at the end of these instructions (so you will read the instructions, please).

Specifically, please:

1. Decide who will be your Department’s two-four Account Administrators and one Data Proprietor.  

2. For the purposes of the MOU process only, decide which Account Administrator will be “Account Administrator 1” - i.e. who will complete the MOU first. This decision will NOT impact actual Docusign work.

3. Account Administrator 1 will fill in their own name and email as well as the names and email for the other Account Administrator(s) and the Data Proprietor. This will enable them to receive the MOU.

4. Once this information is complete, the signing process for Account Administrator 1 will begin.

MOU add signers screengrab

5. Account Administrator 1 will receive an access code via email. Apply this code.

6. IMPORTANT:  Read the content of the MOU carefully; do not simply click through the signing process.

7. After Account Administrator 1 completes the MOU, it will be auto-routed to the other Account Administrator(s) for their review and signature.

8. Account Administrator 2 will complete their personal information and will also be asked to review and initial the Department information completed by Account Administrator 1. 

8. a) If Account Administrator 2 disagrees with any of the information Account Administrator 1 filled in, they can suggest changes by editing the field. Editable fields are shaded in pink. 

8 b) The edit will trigger the MOU’s return to Account Administrator 1 for review. Account Administrator 1 will either accept Account Administrator 2 edits or suggest another edit.

9. Once this round of reviews is complete, the MOU will continue through workflow.

9 a) The MOU will go to the other Account Administrators (if any) and the Data Proprietor for review and approval if Account Administrator 1 did not make more changes; otherwise it will route back to Account Administrator 2 for their review.

10. When the Data Proprietor receives the MOU, they too will have the opportunity to edit if changes are required. New edits kick off the workflow review process again.

11. After all have signed, the MOU will auto-route to the DocuSign team for review and approval.

11 a) If changes are required, the MOU will go return to Account Administrator 1 to review and change as appropriate and then autoroute to the other Account Administrator and to the Data Proprietor.  

12. Once all fields are approved, the MOU will be complete and the Demo account will be provisioned within 5 business days, usually sooner.

13. The Department Account Administrators must submit a ticket to once they have completed the training and are ready to work in Production. At a minimum, Department Account Administrators must have used Demo to practice the information and techniques in the Quick Start Guide Introductory Training.

MOU Link