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Use the search term "DocuSign" at to find support articles for Account Administrators and for end users. If you don't find what you are looking for, send an email to

DocuSign Training from Berkeley

DocuSign User Support & Quick Links

DocuSign has excellent support and training materials that are expanded updated regularly. Bookmark these to refer back to them regularly. 

DocuSign Department Admin Support & Quick Links 

Basic training for Department Administrators happens after they have signed the  MOU and have been provisioned as an Account Administrator on the UCB campus account.

Here are those training materials:

DocuSign Best Practices Guides

DocuSign Higher Ed Quick Links 

Technical Support from DocuSign

The DocuSign developer site:

List of available SDKs:

The main REST operation to call to retrieve a document from a completed envelope:

Information on setting up and configuration for authentication to the API: